Scaffolding and Fencing

Scaffolding and Fencing

Whether you need better access in your jobsite, or you want to keep people out, our scaffolding and fencing options are competitive, affordable, and tailored to suit your needs.

Our fence is made of durable metal and is specifically designed to fend off small and large animals, roving bandits, and kids who seem to think that a giant, exposed pit is some sort of magical exploration site and wonderland. Thus, if you want to avoid theft, lawsuits, and citations from the city, give us a call about our fencing solutions.

Our scaffolding division is equipped to get you as high as you need to go, safely and efficiently, indoors and/or out. We offer a wide variety of scaffolding, as well as swing staging and other access solutions.

For all of your access needs, call A-1 Rent-Alls for a quote.

Pricing subject to change.